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We have an established language curriculum that is focused on developing basic Japanese conversation patterns, as well as placing a strong importance on the development of listening, reading and writing skills. A four-skills approach to the learning of Japanese is important, so that students are able to adapt to Japanese life much more naturally.

We offer an EJU-aware class for students of undergraduate admission and an N2-aware class for students majoring in math and science for graduate admission. We also offer an N1-aware class for students majoring in liberal arts, for graduate admission.

We adopt a standard class teacher system from the beginner's class to the advanced class. However, each classroom teacher not only supports the students with the direction and progress of their studies, but also offers support in the form of living guidance. We also conduct classes that actively incorporate current topics as a teaching material other than textbooks, leading to essay guidance and interview of entrance examination.

Main Textbooks

  • Beginner level: 《Minna no Nihongo 1, 2》《Practice in pronunciation by shadowing》
  • Intermediate level: 《Tobira》 《N2 Grammar》
  • Advanaced level: 《Kokkyo wo Koete》《N1 Grammar》《Exercises for EJU》