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Campus Activities    
Campus Activities
  time:2013-09-30       editor:Fuji      

Fuji organizes various events such as school and social activities, school trips, etc. so that you can not only concentrate on your study, but also enjoy Japanese culture. This stimulates an adaptation and understanding to Japanese society and customs.

Social Activities

Visit to Honda                      Forest Conservation Activity

    Hot spring and Tea ceremony

Chinese New Year

Gyoza(dumpling) is indispensable to Chinese New Year. We hold a “Gyoza party” every year and cerebrate together.

We make and cook "gyoza" together.

Tanabata Festival

The "Tanabata Festival" is famous for the tale of Vega and Altair. Students decorate a strip of paper which they wrote a wish to the bamboo leaf.

Commemorative photo

Good memories

School trip

You can learn Japanese society not only through study and part-time job but also school trip.

Amusement park and short walk 



Sports festival

The sport festival is held every year. By deepening bonds with friends, students can enjoy their life in Japan.

Group photo                         Table tennis

Basketball        A tug of war

Outdoor game     A tug of war