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【A】I'm hoping to enter a graduate school in Japan. Is it ok to change my major?
【Q】Yes. It's possible and feasible. Many graduates who have changed their majors have actually entered their desired schools. But as you can imagine, you have to study much harder than others in order to achieve this.

【A】Do you offer a part-time job referral service?
【Q】Yes. Please consult the staff at the office if you wish for a job referral. But many employers require some Japanese ability so it usually takes 3~6 months to get a job after you arrive in Japan.

【A】What are the requirements to get into Fuji?
【Q】You need to have completed at least 12 years of school education before applying.

【A】Do you require a certain level of Japanese proficiency from applicants?
【Q】Not at all. You can apply even if you know nothing about Japanese. However, if you have learned HIRAGANA and KATAKANA before you arrive in Japan, it would be much easier for you to start studying in Japan. So if you can, we recommend you do so.