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About Fuji
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  • Takamatsu Higher Commercial School graduate (the Faculty of Economics, Kagawa University)
  • High school teacher
  • Central Executive committee member of the Japan Teacher's Union
  • Managing Director of the mutual aid consumers' cooperative line committee
  • Vice-Chief Director of the mutual aid consumers' cooperative line committee

 Founder:Tadaki YAMANAKA (1928.6.15-1993.7.15)

Fuji International Language Institute was established in June, 1989 and was officially accredited by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. Since the implementation of the authorization system by the Immigration Bureau of Japan, our school has been appointed as an excellent school every year, and has been highly evaluated in "role management" and "excellent entrance examination results".

The mission of our institute is to inspire international students to achieve success at university, with a firm knowledge and understanding of Japanese language and culture, as well as foster an environment where students are motivated to learn. It is our promise that all graduates become pillars of society, by helping them enter into their desired university or graduate school, so that they may receive a first-class education.

We have three school buildings that are located in the center of Tokyo; Shinjuku school, Waseda school and Itabashi school. Here in Tokyo, there are many first-class universities and successful Japanese multinational companies. Tokyo has great academic appeal to the inspiring university student, who is ready to take a new step into student life, due to the excellent quality of its universities and subsequent employment opportunities.